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Oliv integration for Slack

This document details the steps to install, configure, and use the Oliv integration for Slack.

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Purpose of document

This document details the steps to integrate and remove Slack <> Oliv integration. For all other integrations, please click here.

Slack - Steps to integrate

Integrating Oliv with your Slack workspace can significantly enhance your team's productivity and streamline communication. It simplifies complex workflows, centralizes information, and keeps everyone on the same page.

Receive your meeting preparation summary directly in Slack before your meetings to assist you in preparing effectively. Additionally, once the meetings conclude, you'll instantly receive a summary of the call, highlighting key takeaways and outlining the next steps.

Step 1: Visit and log in to your Oliv dashboard to install Oliv app for your Slack workspace. If you are already logged in, click the button below.

Step 2: Go through some quick onboarding steps to create an Oliv account.

Step 3: Authorize Oliv access. Slack will request permission to allow the Oliv app to access your workspace. Confirm this authorization.

That's it! You've successfully installed the Oliv app and can now begin using Oliv's features seamlessly within your Slack environment.


After initiating Oliv installation from the Slack App Directory, you will be directed to

When you reach the Slack configuration step, you will have two options for connecting your Slack with Oliv:

  1. Installing the Oliv app for Slack

  2. Connecting through Slack Connect

Some organizations permit both app installation and Slack Connect connections, but others require admin approval, or may not allow them at all. Consequently, Oliv has implemented the following fallback mechanism:

  1. The user attempts to install the Oliv app for Slack.

  2. If app installation fails, the user tries connecting through Slack Connect.

  3. If the connection through Slack Connect fails, the user can proceed with onboarding and will default to email as the primary means of communication.

The user can always attempt to install the app and connect through Slack Connect at a later time. Once they complete the steps, they can benefit from Oliv through these methods.

Using Oliv in Slack for Enhanced Productivity

Integrated with Slack, Oliv offers a wide range of features to increase your team's productivity and make meetings more effective.

1. AI Meeting Prep:

Streamlined Preparation: Oliv provides AI-powered meeting preparation directly in Slack. Before your meetings, you'll receive a dossier with essential information and insights about the participants, agenda, and related documents.

Timely Reminders: Never miss a meeting again. Oliv sends you timely meeting reminders, ensuring you're well-prepared and on schedule.

2. Deal Scorecard:

Deal Insights: Oliv's Deal Scorecard is a game-changer for sales teams. It offers a comprehensive assessment of your sales opportunities, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and potential risks.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Make informed decisions based on data and insights provided by Oliv. Whether it's opportunity assessment or sales strategy, the Deal Scorecard empowers your team to prioritize effectively.

3. Post-Meeting Summary:

Instant Meeting Summaries: As soon as your meetings conclude, Oliv generates and shares a summary of the call with key points and action items. No more manual note-taking or post-meeting data entry.

Efficient Knowledge Sharing: Share meeting summaries with your team in Slack. Keep everyone on the same page and ensure that meeting outcomes are well-documented.

4. Next Steps in Slack:

Seamless Collaboration: Discuss meeting outcomes, assign action items, and collaborate with your team directly in Slack. Oliv ensures that your follow-up actions are clear and organized.

Progress Tracking: Keep track of the next steps and monitor progress within Slack. Easily reference past meeting summaries and action items to stay aligned with your team's goals.

Use Oliv in your Slack to get AI-driven meeting preparation, comprehensive deal insights, and automated post-meeting summaries.

This integration not only saves you time but also ensures that your team becomes much more productive in closing more deals. Say goodbye to manual meeting management and hello to a more streamlined and effective workflow with Oliv in Slack.

Privacy Policy

We are deeply committed to your privacy. You can find our Privacy Policy below, which explains how we collect, use, and safeguard your information when you use our tool.

Disclaimer: Possible Inaccuracies

Our app employs advanced AI and GPT models, but responses may contain inaccuracies. Verify critical information independently and use discretion.

Data Deletion Policy:

When you delete your Oliv account:

We'll stop displaying your User Submissions (except Limited Audience and Public ones). However, complete deletion may not be possible, and content may remain viewable elsewhere if copied by other users. Users can request data deletion by writing to [email protected].

Slack - Steps to remove integration

Send Oliv a message through Intercom in the Oliv UI.


For any questions and feedback, please email [email protected]

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