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Oliv <> Zoom integrations
Oliv <> Zoom integrations
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Purpose of document

This document details the steps to integrate and remove Zoom <> Oliv integration. For all other integrations, please click here

Table of contents

  1. Zoom App details

  2. Zoom - Steps to integrate

  3. Zoom - Steps to remove integration

  4. Zoom scopes to features you can use

Zoom App details

We have 2 Zoom apps available on the marketplace, one is solely for the meeting bot to join your meetings (Oliv - Meeting bot) and another one to help you along when you are actually in the meeting (, here is set of features that each one provide

1. Oliv - Meeting bot

This gives you the ability to add a meeting bot to the meeting and have it with your consent record your meetings and after the meeting is wrapped up analyze & surface the meeting details for you

2. (Meeting app)

This gives you a much richer set of features such as having the bot join the call, reduce the steps needed for recording consent, and then during the call show Oliv UI within the Zoom app itself so that you can easily edit/update your CRM fields directly.

Steps to integrate Zoom

1. Install Oliv - Meeting bot:

  • Since this is just a meeting bot, just log into and set up your account and Oliv will start joining and summarizing your Zoom calls.

  • By default Oliv will ask permission from the host to record the meeting. Without the permission, Oliv will not be able to summarize the meeting. If you want to auto-record the meeting when you are the host, you can click on:

2. Install (Zoom app):

Click on this URL:, you are done

Steps to remove Zoom integration

Send Oliv a message through Intercom in Oliv UI

Scopes to features you can use.

Oliv - Meeting bot


This scope allows the Oliv bot to join the calls you want it to (Zoom app)


This feature allows you to get the data about the meeting you are currently in Zoom and map it with a corresponding calendar event


This feature allows us to keep track of the meeting recordings you own


Once you are done with the call, this scope allows us to show you the recording

in the Oliv app and gives you the ability to share it


This scope allows you to open the Oliv app directly in the Zoom interface.

Through this app, you can update the relevant data for your deals in situ and see the important moments that you have highlighted through Oliv during the meeting


For any questions and feedback, please email [email protected]

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