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How do I uninstall Oliv's calendar assistant?
How do I uninstall Oliv's calendar assistant?

Step by step instructions to remove Oliv's calendar assistant, including the Slackbot and calendar extensions

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To uninstall Oliv:

  1. Click on "Disable workspace" for all Slack workspaces you have connected at

  2. Then, click on the three dots at the top right and "Switch accounts". That will log you out.

  3. Remove the Oliv chrome extension (chrome://extensions) or Outlook extension if you have installed it.

Once you do that, please click on the chat icon at the bottom right and let us know you have completed the uninstallation steps, so that we can complete the remaining steps at our end.

Also, before you go, is there something we can fix/improve to make Oliv work for you? Let us know in the chat.

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