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How do I fix Oliv's time zone in Office 365?
How do I fix Oliv's time zone in Office 365?

Update your time zone to the correct one in Office 365 if Oliv is showing an incorrect time zone in your Slack status

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Oliv reads your time zone from a particular setting in your Office 365 account. This time zone is used for your Slack status updates and various other features. 

Sometimes, specially after a recent travel, Outlook changes this time zone and does not reset it back to your local time zone when it should. You may see the correct  timezone in Outlook desktop app, but Office 365 still has an incorrect time zone stored in a particular setting. 

Follow these steps to fix this:

Head over to the office portal ( and select Outlook.

Click on the calendar symbol to open your calendar

Select the Gear to go to your Settings, then Calendar Appearance

Change the time zone below your work hours to the current time zone

This will provide Oliv with the correct time zone and your Slack status will show the correct value in the next 5 minutes.

If Oliv still gets your time zone wrong, please reach out to us via chat and we will look into the issue immediately.

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