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Chorus integration
Chorus integration

Steps to enable Oliv's integration with Chorus

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Oliv integrates with Chorus to import meeting recordings, which can then be used to generate meeting scripts, slide scripts, FAQ and objection scripts, etc.

There are 2 steps to set up the integration:

  1. Create a new user for Oliv

  2. Provide it API access permissions.

Create a new Chorus user

  1. Invite a new user, success+{company} Replace {company} with your company name.

  2. Set the role as "Admin" (preferable), or "Enablement / Leadership" (if the user cannot be set up as Admin).

  3. Set the "Reports to" field to "Default" and License to "Listener". Setting the license to "Listener" makes sure that you are not charged for the account.

  4. Enable "Send welcome email" and then click on the "Add" button on the bottom of the page.

Grant API access permissions

If you created the user as "Admin" in the previous step, then you are all set and don't need to do anything further.

If you have set up the user as "Enablement / Leadership", then please provide API access permissions to the "Enablement / Leadership" role. To do that:

  1. Click on "Edit" button next to "Enablement / Leadership". The button shows up when you hover over the row.

  2. Change "API access" to "Allowed" (see screenshot below).

  3. Click on "Save changes".

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